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The management at FERRPOL have declared an INTEGRATED QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY whose regulations are binding on all employees.

We declare continuous improvement of our ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management system, our compliance with applicable laws and raising our employees’ awareness of and commitment to each of these issues.

The FERRPOL Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy is designed to ensure full customer satisfaction with our products. As a result, we strive to increase trust in our company and its reliability by guaranteeing a declared level of quality of our products and machining services while ensuring respect for the natural environment.

To achieve this, we rely on constantly broadening our employees’ knowledge, training and experience. We prefer to work as a team, but we also value and nurture each employee’s individuality. We employ the latest production methods, using the best machinery and tooling that is appropriate to our services and production values.

Each phase of our production and manufacturing processes require constant improvement.

Our company has a long tradition of being connected to our local community. We identify and oversee important environmental aspects, thereby perfecting our implemented plans designed to prevent the occurrence of potential threats to the environment. In this way, our activities, in accordance with our legal requirements, are intended to reduce their effects on the surrounding environment.

In order to implement this policy, I am personally responsible for and also declare that I will ensure the availability of the resources needed to operate our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

Leszek Matuszewski
Krzysztof Matuszewski
Tadeusz Matuszewski

RAWICZ, Wrzesień 2015 r.