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The FERRPOL company is highly active in the local community, taking part in many initiatives.

We have signed a patronage agreement with the local Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, ensuring long-term cooperation between the company and the school, and taking over the joint industry patronage of the second-year mechanical technician course. The agreement includes, among other initiatives: joint organisation of practical classes and apprenticeships for students, mutual support for promotional and recruitment campaigns for subsequent years, providing the school with machines and specialised equipment consistent with its needs, support in the form of industry bonuses for students of the First Degree Vocational School, and Industry Scholarships for the most talented students of the Technical School in Rawicz.

For a few years now, we have been taking an active part in Rawicz’s sports activities. We have our own team in the 24-hour fun run around the Rawicz facilities. This is a great way to promote our commune and city, and to encourage the local community to spend time actively.

We support local sport as a sponsor of the basketball team.

We are also a sponsor of the Rawicki Theatre Festival, organised by the Rawicz Culture Centre.